The Proven System to Get rid of  the holiday bloat so You get Your energy, confidence & life back again!


January 6th 2020 - Registration Ends January 4th 2020

  • You indulged more than you should have over the holidays and now you're feeling bloated.
  • You're tired of wearing the same 10 things in your closet because nothing else feels comfortable and you refuse to buy a bigger size.
  • You're lacking energy from morning to night and using caffeine and sugar to keep you going during the day.
  • You know you need to eat better and clean up your foods but you just can't seem to start. 
  • You're tired of feeling alone and unsupported in your efforts to feel better.
  • You know your diet is just making you feel like crap and your ready to get on track to feeling better. 

If It Does...  Then you know the hardest part of getting started is making the plan, doing the shopping AND then the meal prep!

The Ten Day Detox System is designed to improve your energy, regain your confidence and have you feeling better in your clothes again sooner than later!

The Mission of the Ten Day Detox System is to...
  • Improve Your Energy so you wake up feeling light, free and excited to start the day by using real foods to fuel your body with renewed life & energy!!
  • Improve your confidence by getting you back into the clothes you love hiding in your closet by taking simple, daily consistent actions that will overhaul your eating habits and your health.
  • Improve your relationship with food so making better choices becomes easier because you FEEL so much better and like yourself again!

What You Get With The 10 Day Detox!

A 10 Day Detox Sample Menu!
  • A complete Recipe  / success Manual and 10 Day Menu packed full of recipes designed to feed the good and push out the bad so you get rid of cravings, re-balance your hormones and get re-energized to take on life and everything 2020 has to bring!
Accountability and Support
  • A Daily Detox Checklist to make sure you stay on point for ALL 10 days as well. A daily email & motivation to keep you focused and weekly  check in with Jenny May because when it comes to follow through having someone to answer to makes all the difference! 
Direction & Guidance 
  • A daily detox exercise for your mind and body will be part of your daily email to make sure you're effectively removing toxins from your tissues and your brain so your skin looks brighter,your mind is sharp and you look & feel your best! 
The 10 Day Detox System  Will Help You Look & Feel Your BEST!
 Only $47 for the 10 Day Investment that you can use again and again whenever you need a reset!

It was the easiest diet I've ever done, and most effective. I really did get my life back!  17.5 pounds and 8 inches lost!   Janet Lynn

I can see a difference in how my clothes feel. I feel so much better. People are seeing changes and I'm getting such positive reactions.  It has changed my life , just do it. - Amanda

I just want to say thank you Jenny for this program because this is what I needed to get back on track. I’m in shock but it shows with positive attitude and great coaching I can accomplish anything at my age.  Thanks again!

Valerie Green 

About Jenny May

Over the last 20 years, Jenny May has pursued her life long passion and dream of inspiring and educating all types of people on how to live a healthy active life. Her methodology focuses on eating real food and incorporating functional movement to replace lost muscle tone.

Jenny May has over 30 years of personal research on diet and exercise with the purpose of gaining a deeper understanding in regard to how diet and exercise affects your hormones, performance and body fat levels. She also spent 15 years as a successful pharmaceutical chemist before switching her careers to focus on her true passion.

Over the last 16 years Jenny May has been a featured expert on YNN, WNYT, MY4TV Albany, Look TV, CBS, Fox 23, ABC, and Healthlink. In addition, she has also authored a book “Menopausal Fitness & You” and Co-Authored “Fuel Your Soul, Transform Your Body: Inspiring True Stories Show You How to Get Lean, Healthy & Strong at Any Age”. 

Jenny May will provide you with the best knowledge & tools and path to look better, feel better and live every day to its fullest potential.

In her spare time, Jenny May enjoys walks with her dogs, riding her horses and anything she can do in nature and the outdoors.

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