Worry – March 29,2020

My Goose… doing what she does best 😍

Animals brains don’t work like ours do. They can’t imagine.

They can’t imagine what MIGHT happen over the next few minutes, hours or months.

They just live in the moment and take each moment as it comes and adapt to the situation.

Yesterday was sunny, Victory made the best of it..

And honestly I took a moment and laid outside on the ground in the yard in the sunshine as well, just soaked it all in.

Worry is your brain IMAGINING the worst outcome.

The more you imagine the worst, the more likely those imagined outcomes will happen.

Worry literally weakens your immune system and may even make you sick if you get sucked into it far enough.

Today if you start to find yourself imagining the worst, switch it, and start to imagine a positive story around how it’s all going to work out.

Make it a great day!

JM 😘

2 thoughts on “Worry – March 29,2020”

  1. Love it Love it! My friend jokingly said this virus was started by DOGS!!! Because now everyone is home and what are they doing???
    WALKING THEIR DOGS!!!!!!! And loving it!

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