I am wildly grateful for the opportunity to help empower people through better eating & moving & thinking! 

This is what some of my online coaching clients have to say... 

Down a total of 25lbs at this point so feeling good about that and old clothes fitting well and almost getting to be too big – Lynn Tubbs
It was the easiest diet I've ever done, and most effective. I really did get my life back!

17.5 pounds and 8 inches lost in 11 weeks! - Janet
I wanted to share with you that I came across my certificate for first place in the very first program that I did with you. Since then I have lost a total of 70 pounds. I have gained new confidence, new strength and flexibility and most of all new friends. So happy that I took that first step with you and ever so thankful to all of you!  Thank you!! - Melinda
I just want to say thank you Jenny for this program because this is what I needed to get back on track. I’m in shock but it shows with positive attitude and great coaching I can accomplish anything at my age. 
Thanks again Valerie

I’ve changed diet choices, dropped bad habits and lost 18 pounds.  I’ve also learned so much which helps to make good choices and really GET IT that you are what you eat. I’m not at the 80 - 20 level yet but I’ll keep working toward it. I appreciate the expertise and support you have shared. - Nancy

I can’t tell you how many times each day you run through my mind. “What would Jenny May say, do?” How do I best respond? From your teachings, time and compassion I truly feel better equipped to make these decisions for myself and support the health and wellness of my family. From you I have learned so much, gained confidence in my own abilities and made forward motion towards my goals! Thank you!!!

You truly are a special person who I am grateful to have gained so much from. - Jessica

I took a yoga class for the first time on Sunday and we had to do the plank where you lift opposite arm and leg and I could actually do it!  I am sure that was not possible 4 weeks ago...  Jane 
There's a huge value in this coaching and I've gained so much from it. - Pam
I can see a difference in how my clothes feel. I feel so much better. People are seeing changes and I'm getting such positive reactions.  It has changed my life , just do it. - Amanda
I especially enjoy the individual care and attention to my goals and my bodies needs. - Susan

Empowering You To Be Your Best Self Through Better Eating, Moving & Thinking!