10 wins that came out of the corona virus

Ten wins that have come out of the coronavirus

1. I finally get to do ‘workout with your dog & kids’ sessions. They may be Virtual but I love them.

2. All those hours I’ve spent complaining about getting to the barn at 9pm I’m now grateful for.

3. My circle of people family, friends, barn friends and clients (friends/family) are THE best. These are character revealing times and you all rock!

4. I FINALLY get to catch up on sleep. I’ve been running on E since November of 2018 and now I can make 7/8hours of sleep a priority.

5. While the current situation is complex and hard to understand, I am grateful that we value life more than money.

6. That the folks in my circle ARE using this as an opportunity to make health a priority! That just fills my soul. ❤

7. This one is a tough one… but I’m grateful I closed my studio literally a year ago and while this is hard… it’s nowhere near as hard as closing that was.

8. I have a chance to catch up on laundry. I have no idea how two adults (no kids) can dirty so many clothes 🤔 between the barn, tick season, and his work, its mindblowing!

9. For the people that are out there still going to work to meet the supply needs of the American people, hospitals & hospital workers and SEEING the many creative business ideas that people are using to help support one another and communities.

10. For our Health Care Workers and everyone out their helping & testing friends and family of friends and family.

What were your wins from the week?

Keep it positive, I know you’ve got them! No negatives!

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