Get Back Your Body & Your Life!

The Proven System to Regain Your Body, Energy and Confidence so You Live Happily, Freely & Empowered! 


Starts Oct 14th - Registration Ends October 12th

  • You're sad that every day you wake up, you are more tired and lacking motivation & energy.
  • You feel helpless when it comes to getting back into the clothes hiding in your closet.
  • You're frustrated you can't break the late night snacking habit.
  • You're discouraged that your schedule won't allow you to get any consistency with your workouts or eating habits.
  • You're tired of feeling alone and unsupported in your efforts to feel better.
  • You're DONE investing in programs that make you buy supplement after supplement.

If It Does...  you already know how confusing, time consuming and frustrating it is to try and figure out how & what you should be eating to shed belly fat and feel better after turning 40!

The Get Back Your Body & Your Life System is designed to improve your energy, regain your confidence and have you feeling better in your clothes again!

The Mission of the Get Back Your Body & Your Life System is to...
  • Improve Your Energy so you wake up feeling light, free and excited to start the day by teaching you how to use real foods to empower your body!
  • Improve your confidence by getting you back into the clothes you love hiding in your closet by taking simple, daily consistent actions that will overhaul your body and your life! 
  • Improve your relationship with food so making better choices becomes easier by getting a better understanding of your subconscious relationship with food.

What is the
Get Back Your Body & Your Life System

A Clean Eating Kick Start Menu Plan 

You get a complete recipe manual, 4 weeks of done for you meal plans and meal planning 101 with Jenny May all designed to help you detoxify, rev up your metabolism, get rid of sugar cravings and give you amazing energy to take on life and the world! 

Muscle Toning, Fat Burning Workouts

Includes workouts you can do in the convenience of your own home designed to tighten, tone trouble spots, burn body fat, speed up your metabolism and improve how you move as well as help you look amazing. 

Accountability and Support

Lets face it REAL accountability is the secret to getting results! I CARE about you getting the results that you make you look and feel your best, as well as keeping you focused on the goal! We check in live on a weekly zoom call to celebrate the wins of the week and support you through the challenges!


This is your checks and balances system.  You will start with before & after measurements and check in weekly to make sure you're staying on point as well as help you make any necessary adaptions to make sure you're getting RESULTS.

The Get Back Your Body & Life System  Will Help you Look & Feel Your BEST!
 Only $147 for the 28 Day Investment that will last a lifetime!

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About Jenny May

Over the last 15 years, Jenny May has pursued her life long passion and dream of inspiring and educating all types of people on how to live a healthy active life. Her methodology focuses on eating real food and incorporating functional movement to replace lost muscle tone.

Jenny May has over 30 years of personal research on diet and exercise with the purpose of gaining a deeper understanding in regard to how diet and exercise affects your hormones, performance and body fat levels. She also spent 15 years as a successful pharmaceutical chemist before switching her careers to focus on her true passion.

Over the last 15 years Jenny May has been a featured expert on YNN, WNYT, MY4TV Albany, Look TV, CBS, Fox 23, ABC, and Healthlink. In addition, she has also authored a book “Menopausal Fitness & You” and Co-Authored “Fuel Your Soul, Transform Your Body: Inspiring True Stories Show You How to Get Lean, Healthy & Strong at Any Age”. 

Jenny May will provide you with the best knowledge & tools and path to look better, feel better and live every day to its fullest potential.

In her spare time, Jenny May enjoys walks with her dogs, riding her horses and anything she can do in nature and the outdoors.

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