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Develop Killer Habits That Stick:

  • Learn how to develop your ultimate goal set
  • Win using SMART goals effectively
  • Anchor the outcome by finding your WHY
  • Get back on track quickly when you slip up
  • Understand your reward system to WIN the day


The program couldn’t have been easier because of the coaching Jenny May provides! From the overview of the what and whys of the food, to the suggested menus , the day by day check-ins, and motivational posts, Jenny May has created a perfect program to get you off the starting block and pointed in the right direction on your road to lifelong healthier living.


She quickly identified my strengths and weaknesses and created a training plan for me. My main weakness was glute strength (classic distance runner problems...), so the month of April was dedicated to building glute strength and balancing my strength to create a base to build upon. And it's been entirely virtual - so it works with social distancing AND it's flexible.


I just want to say thank you Jenny for this program because this is what I needed to get back on track. I’m in shock but it shows with positive attitude and great coaching I can accomplish anything at my age. Thanks again!


I have gained new confidence, new strength and flexibility and most of all new friends. So happy that I took that first step with you and ever so thankful to all of you! Thank you!! - Melinda

Kickstart Your Habits, Anchor Your Wins, Achieve Results, And Crush Your Goals!

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About Jenny May

"Success leaves clues... And we've put together the very best meal plan and recipes used by our most successful clients to jumpstart their results and build massive momentum!"

I walked away from a successful career as a pharmaceutical chemist to fulfill my mission of educating people about the chemistry of food in their bodies. My methodology focuses on eating real food (you buy in the grocery store) and using neuroscience / mindset to rewire how you move, think and relate to food.

My mission is simple... To help you be look & feel your best by being your Best Self and that starts with your daily habits! After all you are the sum of your habits!

Jenny May

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