Slip ups happen

It never fails…

Maybe you can relate to this…

You get to that spot where enough is enough! And you make a plan and you get started on your plan for a week or two or maybe even three and then whammo it happens.


Life shows up and totally throws you a curve ball and derails your efforts πŸ˜ͺ(sigh)

Have you ever experienced that… that’s me this week.

I’ve been watching my clients move better and get leaner week by week through this whole Covid 19 shut down or pause thing and I’ve just been holding steady…

Well honestly I randomly jumped a little bit, enough to where my jeans feel more snug then I like… everything else is fine… but my jeans don’t lie – that’s my scale.

So as you may have read here in another post I gave up alcohol for the month of June, in an effort to Be Better and I got more intentional with my workouts…

And then Monday showed up and out of nowhere I became one of the very few humans to experience human flight πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

I was walking the dogs and then the next thing I knew I was airborne long enough that I could be present and aware to the fact that I was fully extended in the air – Arms out straight in front, legs out straight behind…

What’s that quote – ‘it’s not the fall, it’s when you hit the ground that hurts”?

Yeah….. I crash landed like an airplane that hit its left wing on the ground first… only the left wing was the left side of my thigh, IT band, hip and it hit a solid stump sticking out of the ground!

And then I skidded on my belly forever – well probably only seconds but it felt like minutes and I was dirt covered from my neck to knees.

It’s a shame my only witnesses were my dogs… It was a SPECTACULAR fall πŸ’₯ I should be able to share – I thought about taking a picture but I couldn’t move… and I was busy doing that inventory thing, can you move your legs, your arms, head, neck, ok now, can you get up… you know the drill!

Any ways my point is that as soon as you get on track something always shows up to knock you back down… that’s just life.

I rested Monday and Tuesday because it hurt, a lot, as much as post acl surgery hurt for sure.

But I’ve been loving on it and I’m 90% sure it’s just deep tissue damage so today I got back to the workouts – smartly & safely! – always. Safe is a Core Value of mine β—️

I didn’t use it as an excuse to eat bad or neglect my water – in fact I know only too well how import water & nutrition are for fast & successful recoveries so I was more intentional.

And today I did an upper body circuit while stretching my lower body through the ranges it would tolerate.

The point of me sharing this story is that you’re always going to fall off track – it’s just fact !

βœ…The key is too just get back on track as quickly as possible and the trick to that is to not beat yourself up, or focus on the fact that your off – just do what you have to do to get back on track and move right past & through the moment.

Have a safe & great day!


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